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  • Trade Remedies
  • Trade Remedies
  • Trade Remedies

Trade Remedies

A broad scheme of trade remedies has been provided to exporters and importers of goods to and from Canada as well as to Canadian producers, by the Government of Canada.

Whether it be as counsel for foreign exporters to Canada seeking to avoid the imposition of anti-dumping or countervailing duty penalties or as complainant’s counsel seeking to stem the flow of unfairly traded goods into the Canadian market, our lawyers, together with the firm’s available team of highly-experienced trade consultants, can provide cost-effective representation at all stages of investigations into trade complaints.

For potential Canadian complainants, our firm can provide the critical advice up front to assist Canadian producers in determining whether an anti-dumping or countervailing duty complaint is likely to succeed. Among other services, we can provide a preliminary analysis of sales by the Canadian industry of specific products, as well as the import penetration and pricing of foreign producers in the Canadian market.

Likewise, for foreign companies facing anti-dumping complaints by Canadian producers, we can provide up front analysis of the prospects for success and the potential vulnerability of the foreign producer to eventual imposition of dumping or countervailing duties.

Our legal representation services in ongoing complaints are client-focused and seek to maximize legal and procedural advantages with a view to meeting client objectives in a cost-effective way.