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  • Embedded Counsel Services
  • Embedded Counsel Services
  • Embedded Counsel Services

Embedded Counsel Services

Regulatory compliance requirements continue to grow with no end in sight. However despite these evolving needs, in-house legal counsel face continuing pressures to contain costs and limit lawyer head-counts and related costs. This has often proved problematic when internal budgetary and personnel resources are not sufficient to meet ongoing operational requirements. This is all the more the case when new or unanticipated legal regulatory compliance requirements overwhelm existing legal staff.

Traditionally, companies have called on outside law firms to provide advice and legal support in such situations. In today's environment however, budget and hiring constraints reduce the options available in this regard. This is particularly the case for smaller firms and start-ups.

Our firm can provide embedded in-house assistance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at negotiated competitive rates in our areas of practice, specifically: trade, customs, sanctions, anti-corruption, corporate social responsibility, supply chain issues including conflict minerals; government procurement and certain types of civil litigation. We are experienced in the area of working with in-house legal staff and corporate business groups and can provide the sort of competent and affordable advice on regulatory compliance that companies require on an ongoing basis. Such advice can be provided when and as needed, both on-site or off-site as best suits the client's needs. It can also be provided in the form of legal services as supplementary in-house counsel, temporary counsel during crunch time or on a project-specific basis.

Our embedded legal services can reduce the demands on members of clients' full-time legal team and allow them to focus more effectively on their own assigned roles. It will also eliminate unnecessary legal overheads in the form of underutilized in-house counsel when full-time counsel are not required to meet specific corporate legal requirements.

We look forward to discussing your specific situation and would be happy to develop a tailor-made solution to your company's regulatory compliance requirements.