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  • About Sills Egsgard LLP
  • About Sills Egsgard LLP
  • About Sills Egsgard LLP

About Sills Egsgard LLP


Sills Egsgard LLP is a boutique law firm based in Toronto specializing in regulatory compliance issues for both Canadian and foreign enterprises. Our lawyers combine solid legal knowledge and experience gained through years of practice in some of Canada’s most prestigious law firms, with experience living and working in developing countries and deep familiarity with international trade. Our expertise and experience is further complemented and strengthened by our roster of international trade consultants who are available to work with us. This unique combination of multi-disciplinary skills and experience is provided on a timely and cost-effective basis to our clients.

One area of focus for us is regulatory compliance in the area of international and domestic trade, including customs law (tariffs, import and export controls including international sanctions), anti-bribery advice and legal advice on government procurement issues. As well, we act as litigation counsel in Canada for companies involved in customs appeals, anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations and government contract award challenges. Our expertise in civil litigation can also help you follow up on disputes that may arise within Canada by initiating or defending actions for civil damages.

We also work with in-house counsel to help design internal controls and management systems to facilitate and promote regulatory compliance with evolving domestic and international trade regulation. This includes both export controls and anti-bribery systems. In the area of anti-bribery, we draw on Mark’s extensive experience living and working outside Canada in countries as diverse as Russia, Brazil, the Philippines and Vietnam and his familiarity with international rules governing this increasingly important field.

Recently we have begun to focus on assisting companies in the development of corporate social responsibility standards, policies and practices. We can also provide advice in the area of traceability in areas such as consumer product safety, conflict minerals and manufacturing. The collective experience of our lawyers and trade consultants in the field of customs law, including rules of origin and tariff classification, is a particular advantage in navigating through this complex and fast-evolving area. The multi-disciplinary skills we can bring are of particular assistance to small and medium sized firms that are confronted with these issues for the first time.

A third area of focus is in the area of legal advice in relation to international trade including WTO-related issues.  Mark has worked on WTO issues for 30 years and has advised a wide range of foreign governments on international trade issues.  We are following closely the UK’s Brexit initiative to identify the upcoming fundamental changes to the UK’s trading regime in relating to the European Union as well as the rest of the world that will affect importers and exporters of goods and services to the UK.  Once the issues have been identified, we will be in a position to advise business as to how to best press  their cases with governments for a  trade regime that will  promote and protect their interests.

Our lawyers also originally produced, and later updated, a major studyfor the Government of Abu Dhabi in relation to machinery of government issues involving relations between federal and local governments with a view to improving the delivery of government services.